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Ecem Dilan Köse


Ecem Dilan Köse is an interdisciplinary artist from Turkey working with both analog & digital art. This collection is called ‘Entity’, an expression of her NLP self awareness and the Turkish art of paper marbling (ebru).

Learn more at www.ecemdilankose.com



Drawing inspiration from women and pop culture, Vakseen’s “Vanity Pop” paintings focus on society s idolization of beauty and the modifications women endure to obtain the ruse of “perfection”. Vakseen fuses elements of surrealism, cubism, photorealism and fashion onto canvas to create distinct collage-influenced paintings. While his experience in the music industry has played a driving force in his career, it’s Vakseen’s passion for the arts that has served as his key to sanity in the fast paced entertainment world. His paintings have been featured by major brands like Adidas, Complex, and Tupac Shakur’s estate.

Learn more at www.vakseenart.com

Lucid Dion


Dion Kurczek is an experimental abstract painter living on Siesta Key in Sarasota, Florida. He creates dramatic, contemporary paintings using a variety of mediums and techniques. For his signature style, Dion applies acrylic inks onto a smooth board, then blends the colors using gravity, airbrush, and water misting. Dion works as an orchestrator, guiding the inks into naturally beautiful formations. These paintings then receive a high gloss varnish coating to really make the details and colors pop.

Learn more at www.luciddion.com

Casey Parlette


Inspired by wildlife, Southern Californian sculptor Casey Parlette utilizes natural woods, stone and metals to create unique works of art that celebrate the majesty and beauty of nature.

Learn more at www.caseyparlette.com

James Pricer


In life, “we will each find patterns that reflect our own interests and experiences.” Taking data from sources such as DNA, phones, health monitors or company records, James Pricer creates new patterns, relevant reflections, on life in the twenty-first century. James explains, “the patterns we make in order to understand our world are the very patterns that bind us to limited ways of seeing it. I am exploring ways for my art to bring in the outlier data that does not fit the patterns. This data can be part of new patterns, new ways of understanding our world.” James accepts commissions for individuals, corporations, and groups.

Learn more at www.jepricer.com


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Martijn Hage


Dutch artist Martijn Hage creates detailed Utopian landscapes. In his quest for the origin of life he shapes generative worlds in his own imaginary language.

Learn more at www.martijnhage.com

Edith Luthi


From her Swiss studio, Luthi experiments with lushly-layered abstract paintings that engage the senses and provoke the imagination.

Find Edith Luthi on Instagram

Claudia de Grandi


Claudia De Grandi is primarily an abstract painter. Like those of the movement before her, De Grandi’s vast colour-scapes are immersive and encourage introspection. A sense of time and place is erased as De Grandi forms visually poetic responses to places, cultures, landscapes and nature. She says, “my inspiration is about creating a poetic responses to places, cultures, landscapes, nature and ‘things’ that I perceive in the world around me. To translate a visual image, the viewer must enter that space not trying to describe what the scene is, but what it feels like.  How do you see it?”

Learn more at www.deGrandi.com

Arash Fattahi


Persian-Venezuelan photographer, Arash Fattahi creates mysterious and hypnotic photographs of worlds near and far. As his travels take him from Isfahan, Iran to Autana, Venezuela and everywhere in between, Arash captures personal moments, monumental architecture, and beautiful abstractions. Arash’s work has been exhibited in shows in London and New York City.

Find Arash Fattahi on Minted

S.E. Lindsey


Nashville-based Sarah Lindsey paints mostly in acrylic with occasional splashes of watercolor. Bright pops of color give her works a fun touch, which spark fond memories of warm, joy-filled summer afternoons.

Sarah’s whimsical works provide a respite from the monotony that often strikes in daily life. Easy of brushstroke and form enable viewers to catch their breath as they explore the story that Sarah has painted.

Find S.E. Lindsey on LinkedIn

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