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After surviving a severe accident which resulted in a traumatic brain injury, Portland-based artist Kris Haas transformed her reality by creating abstract pieces of art as a way to express, recover and heal. Metamorphosing pain into an intimate and igniting world of shapes and colors, Haas inspires us not only with her evident talent as an artist and the captivating pieces that she creates, but also with her resilience and strength to turn darkness into something beautiful.



Haas began creating abstract paintings, collages and drawings during her recovery process as a form of therapy, but it quickly turned into an inner passion that she credits for saving her life on multiple occasions. With her art somewhat symbolic of a rebirth, Haas uses her intuition as the most important tool to create pieces that are vivid, unusual and, as she likes to say, “kaleidoscopic”. They also reflect a myriad of emotional states and are in many ways pieces of her life – the same life it saved.

“Here you see my joy, my pain, my liveliness, my sorrow, my beauty, my determination, my will power, my darkness and yes my lightness. It is an honest life. A life well lived and despite loosing my life I had, my house, my home, my job and even being homeless for a while, I wouldn’t take it back for anything in the world because it has brought me here.”


From the series “Abstract Expressionism” by Kris Haas


Replacing words with visual language, Kris Haas pushes the boundaries by creating diverse dynamics of colors and forms using mostly black ink, oil paints and gouache mixture. Her eclectic and diverse portfolio of creations can be described as fun, vivid, and full of dramatic nuances all thoughtfully painted or drawn. If you take a closer look at her online gallery you will see she tends to test the limits of playfulness and imagination creating everything from sculptural ink drawings and digital generative re-imaginings to mixed media collages and combinations of ink and water. Haas’ first collection on Artcast is a curated mix of works from her Spheres, Abstract Expressionism and Digital Generative Re-imaginings/NFT series.

“Words such as time, placement, memory, disjointed, worn, torn, releasing, displacement are but a few words that convey my work but words can be so limiting when describing an artist’s life when they go through the process of creating their work. When an idea is sparked and then another and another and another, not in words but in feelings, sensations, moments of longing, pulling towards something unexplainable that you just have to do this thing that calls to you then many hours, days, weeks or months later you have a finished product that is before someone else and in describing it to that person sometimes it is difficult to explain because how do you explain all those hundreds, if not thousands of moments that go into creating a work of art.”


From the series “Spheres” by Kris Haas


From the series “Abstract Expressionism” by Kris Haas


“The Abstract Expressionism pieces came out of this one year period where I was extremely prolific after a life altering event. All of my inhibitions were gone and it was just me, the oil paints, the ink and gouache mixture and the paper and my insatiable desire and curiosity to explore within my world of creativity. I literally felt as if me and the mediums before me were one singular dance constructing all these poetic creations that have a life of their own. I was moving the mediums, on the paper, in a way I had never done before and all the judgements about how each piece looked were just not there. Or at least they didn’t matter. I was always curious about how and what the color would look like against the starkness of the white paper so I always gave room around the material for it to breathe. I gave it space. I tried not to crowd the color too much since I wanted it to shine.”

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Kris Haas onboard as our latest Featured Artist and showcase her art which we see as not only playful and innovative creations, but also as captivating visual stories about recovery and rebirth through the power of creativity.


From the series “Abstract Expressionism” by Kris Haas


A Digital Generative Re-Imagining from the series “Abstract Expressionism” by Kris Haas


Custom commission by Kris Haas


Invigorate your space with the gallery “Kris Haas” now streaming in Artcast’s Contemporary Art category. To learn more about the extraordinary world of Kris Haas’ art, shop her original paintings and drawings, or send a custom commission inquiry, visit her website or follow her on Instagram @krishaas.arte for the latest updates.

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