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A colorful, exploding world of abstraction,  Jérôme Legrand creates intimate and complex paintings that embody both dynamism and fluidity. Focusing on the element of water as a guiding source of inspiration and technique for his paintings, Legrand describes water as ‘life, our origins, childhood and pleasure’, and believes it has the power to change colors into thousands of forms. Using bold and bright hues in conjunction with one another, he creates paintings that stand as a memory map of movement – the places where each color intersects, overlaps, changes hues, and fades – all of which can be traced back if you look close enough. We find his work not only captivating, but beautifully energizing and visually fun which is why we are nothing short of thrilled to be able to bring in him onboard as our newest Featured Artist and showcase his creative adventures on Artcast.



“I would like to compare my work to music, it carries away, it enchants. Moments of tension, beaches of sweetness…”

As for the technique, Legrand’s is rooted in layering pigments and varying liquidity to achieve a whimsical final result where colors playfully harmonize with one another – similar to well-paired musical notes. In addition to highlighting the importance of water as an element to guide his paintings, Legrand also uses actual movement of the painting on the easel to achieve different directionalities for the paint as it drips down the canvas. Due to the unique nature of paint and its interactions with different consistencies, he describes each session of painting as ‘a new adventure,’ extending the dynamism of his paintings into the actual process itself.



“The shapes and colors fall into place with the first sprays, sometimes, or are slow to decide, it is only with the tenth or fifteenth coat of paint that something sane takes shape.”



His pictorial style has been described as Postwar Contemporary – staying true to the central ideas discussed in Contemporary art which works to create better cultural dialogues through the entire spectrum of art styles and artist influences. Born in Lebanon and based in France since 1967, Legrand has created an impressive body of work in his adopted home and established prominent showcases of his portfolio. He has regular showings at both Galerie SAMAGRA and Galerie Roy Sfeir in Paris, in addition to an annual one man show at Art Karlsruhe. Over the years his works have become part of many private collections across continents and we are very excited to now have some included in our own digital collection of #ArtForYourTV on Artcast.



Explore the dynamic, bold and complex world of Legrand by streaming our selection of his works in the new gallery “Jerome Legrand” now found in Artcast’s Contemporary Art category. To delve deeper into his world of color or learn about commission possibilities, you can follow Jerome Legrand on Instagram @Jerome_Legrand1 and visit the websites of Galerie SAMAGRA or Galerie Roy Sfeir where he is currently exhibiting.



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