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NEWS: Now Streaming, August 2021

NEWS: Now Streaming, August 2021

Another month down and another month ahead to bring you an array of new and exciting galleries, but this time (and moving forward) with a twist! We’ve been working for a while now on not only expanding the number of new galleries we add each month, but we’ve also been putting in place a more regular release schedule for them rather than on a rolling basis so you always know what is the latest and greatest streaming on Artcast. Starting this month, new galleries will go live on the app every Tuesday and can be found as the first galleries listed under our Featured Category.

In addition to all of our new releases showing up at the top of our Featured category, we will also be launching a weekly newsletter showcasing our latest gallery additions so, if you are interested in receiving a regular dose of art in your inbox, make sure to subscribe to our mailing list here: https://artcast.tv/mailing-list/

For those who are less into weekly updates but still want to know all that’s new and streaming on Artcast, fear not. You can always check back here on the blog at the beginning of every month for a full list of what went live the previous month along with any other major updates or announcements that were made in our newsletters. We hope this will make it much easier for you to enjoy all of the art we have to offer and easier for us to give more attention to each gallery as they are all special in their own right and deserve to be highlighted once they become available.

So, without further ado, here are the latest galleries that were released on Artcast this past week:

Masters of the Smithsonian

Delve into one of the world’s largest and most inclusive collections of art found at The Smithsonian Museum of American Art in Washington D.C.

“Young Omahaw, War Eagle, Little Missouri, and Pawnees” (1890) by Charles Bird King found in Masters of the Smithsonian

Leonardo Da Vinci

Selected masterpieces from the towering figure of the High Renaissance, Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci (1452-1519).

“Isleworth Mona Lisa” (ca. 1500) by Leonardo da Vinci

Edward Penfield

Drawing inspiration from Japanese woodblock prints, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and Alphonse Mucha, Edward Penfield (1866-1925) is considered ‘the father of the American poster’.

“Labour Day Number” (ca. 1890–1907) by Edward Penfield

Abbott Handerson Thayer

Abbott Handerson Thayer (1849-1921) was a Naturalist painter most famous for his idealistic paintings of women as angels, portraits, landscapes and nature.

“Stevenson Memorial” (1903) by Abbott Handerson Thayer

Featured Artist: Jordan Bruner

Jordan Bruner brings vibrant and playful dream-like paintings and illustrations inspired by mythology, symbolism, visual metaphor, and her own personal experience growing up in Virginia. To learn more about Jordan, make sure you check out her Artist Profile feature we recently published.

“Salt Lyfe – Witch of Pungo” by Jordan Bruner



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