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Featured Gallery: Netsuke

We are obsessed with these diminutive wood and ivory sculptures called Netsuke (pronounced nets-keh) so we figured we should make an entire gallery dedicated to them!

Invented in 17th century Japan as means to solve the dilemma for no pockets on a kimono, netsuke are essentially intricately carved toggles that were born out of necessity to fasten sagemono (pouches) but quickly snowballed into a fashion piece and literal works of art. These days, they are a highly sought-after collectors items with some of the greatest collections actually found outside of Japan.

Themes craftsmen have explored in the design of netsuke range from nature and animals to gods and mythical beasts – some even being considered as talismans for their owners. Though a majority of netsuke were traditionally made from ivory and wood, they can practically be made out of any material that can be carved so you can also find ones that originated from killer whale teeth, narwal tusk, bamboo and coral just to name a few…

See a few of our favorites from the gallery below and let us know if you’ve ever heard of Netsuke before!

You can stream “Netsuke”, as well as all our other favorite galleries on Apple TV, Amazon FireTV and Roku. Learn more HERE.

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